Built to enhance your business.

exfida helps you manage sales, grow revenue, track activities that are critical to the delivery of your services to customers.

Business operations enhancement for SMEs

Features to help you run your business in the most efficient way possible.
Reduce operations workload, go from onboarding your customers, operations processes in days to minutes.
Sales pipeline
Visualize how leads and opportunities are converted into customers and revenue.
Accept payments from day one, let clients pay right from the custom invoice or billing auto-tailored to them.
Customer and supplier management
Maintain an overview of all customers, products or services provided and suppliers that underpin them.
Bookkeeping and tax
Keep track of your day-to-day finances.
Track the fulfilment of your services to customers and by your suppliers to you.
Keep track of all email communication, chat messaging about services and task fulfilment. Link all discussions to customers or suppliers.
Integrated virtual meetings
Schedule and hold meetings with customers and suppliers within the same platform.
Organized calendar
Keep an eye on all sales engagements, customer renewals, supplier tasks, fulfilment activities and scheduled meetings in a simple and integrated calendar.
Documents repository
Store & link documents related to each sale, customer, supplier or service.
Get actionable data to help your business adapt and grow.
Integrate productivity apps
Import customers, link important emails and documents to customers, supplier and fulfilment tasks.

Empower your team to collaborate efficiently by creating a fully interlinked digital workspaces.

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